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Healthcare Cleaning Services

We firmly believe that quality of service is the guarantee of our success. That is why our cleaning staff is in constant training, offering the best service.

We allocate the resources that are necessary to reach the most demanding levels of excellence and establish the appropriate regulatory measures to ensure that management policies are known and practiced by all our employees.

Hollywood Building Services is providing cleaning services for your healthcare facility that serves hospital staff, patients, and visitors. We have a trusted and certified hospital housekeeping systems.

We are a digital cleaning company with more than 20 years of experience. Among our main clients are hospitals, clinics, and health centers, where we carry out cleaning and maintenance work.

Cleaning of hospitals and medical centers:

We are a digital cleaning company with more than 20 years of experience. Among our main clients are hospitals, clinics, and health centers, where we carry out cleaning and maintenance work.

  1. This service includes all the cleaning tasks necessary to eliminate microorganisms and germs that remain in the rooms of the facilities for a long period.
  2. The cleaning of hospitals and health centers is carried out constantly, with professionals who not only clean but are also capable of disinfecting and creating welcoming environments for patients.
  3. In this cleaning service, we include trips to the health center, hospital, or laboratory, the tools and products necessary to carry out the service. All the services we provide are periodically supervised by a technician specifically trained for such purposes.
  4. We adapt our professional cleaning services according to the requirements of each client, in order to guarantee the optimal level of cleaning and hygiene necessary in hospitals, health centers, and laboratories.
  5. We clean hospitals and health centers in perfectly in Bronx, NYC.

Our advantages:

  • Feedback via quarterly online surveys
  • We do not outsource
  • Emergency Assistance 24h/7d
  • Competitive prices
  • Monthly monitoring
  • Presence control systems
  • Quality control through SLA’s and KPI’s
  • Resolution of incidents in maximum 48 H

Cleaning of Clinics, Hospitals, Day Centers:

We have a full service of cleaning specialists for clinics, medical centers, residences, and hospitals.

We have a strong portfolio of highly satisfied clients from the medical industry including dentists, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, pediatric practices, urgent care centers, and more. If you would like to have an ultra-fast responsive cleaning company at your medical facility, we recommend that you contact us today.

Our cleaning method 

  • Always clean with rubber gloves.
  • Use single-use gloves, to dispose of them before leaving the room, thus avoiding possible contamination.
  • Cleaning will always be from top to bottom, from inside the enclosure to the outside.
  • Never sweep, collect dirt with a wet mop.
  • Clean surfaces with damp microfiber cloths.
  • The cleaning material used has to be specific for each area.
  • Do not create air currents that facilitate the movement of germs.
  • Dose the product according to the established guidelines.
  • Never mix the products.
  • Always carry the original containers in the cleaning trolley and out of the reach of children.
  • Follow, Spraying or spraying is not recommended.
  • In the rooms, do not enter the cleaning cart.
  • The materials used to clean all types of surfaces (cloths, mops, mop) are wrung out as much as possible. 
  • The materials we use on each shift are always clean, disinfected, and well-drained.
  • The cleaning material used in high-risk areas and/or isolation rooms are specific. We always use single-use material (cloths) for surfaces, except for the floor.
  • During the handling of cleaning products, our working staff will protect hospital staff, patients, and themselves to prevent possible risks (inhalation and/or splashes on skin or mucosa) with personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Our Cleaning staff has the same protection measures as health staff, both in terms of clothing and for the elimination of waste generated following the rules of each center

Cleaning in medical facilities

Particular attention should be paid to the cleanliness of medical facilities such as doctor’s offices, hospitals or laboratories, due to the high risk of contamination or contracting diseases.

Cleaning in a medical setting: What does it consist of?

Hygiene measures should be taken in a hospital or doctor’s office to ensure that no viruses can contaminate patients. Therefore we do completely disinfecting each part of the building.

We provide cleaning service for:

  • Medium risk areas:
  • Diagnostic and treatment areas.
  • Hospitalization plants.
  • Rehabilitation areas.
  • Pharmacy area.
  • Laundry.
  • Kitchens.
  • Morgue.

We have cleaning protocols that we apply nationwide on services and products to achieve the best results in your facilities. Business cleaning is a fundamental pillar in any company.

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