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Curtain and Upholster Cleaning

We provide service with maximum disinfection and absolute drying


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Upholstery Cleaning and Re-Upholstery

Since we have carried out upholstery cleaning service with total elimination of stains and odors, our customers are very satisfied with the progress we have made. We provide service with maximum disinfection and absolute drying.

Only in this way, we are absolutely convinced that stains will not reappear, and that you will once again enjoy the sensation of freshness and softness, which only our deeper cleaning system can guarantee. With our home upholstery cleaning system and our formulated line of products, we guarantee the total elimination of stains, odors, germs, and bacteria.

We clean stains produced by friction and daily use, such as chocolate, wine, soft drink, smoke, urine, water or mud stains, etc. We also clean stains on upholstery of sofas, chairs, stools, carpets, and rugs, curtains, and blinds, mattresses, and canapés. In short, we eliminate all stains and germs from any cotton, linen, silk, leather, satin, acrylic, angora, fire retardant, nylon, satin, velvet, or any type of upholstery, home, and your company.

Once our products have dissolved all the dirt, we extract it mechanically together with the germs and microorganisms. In this way, we can guarantee a thorough cleaning and disinfection of all your upholstery. Select the type of Upholstery Cleaning Service you need below to obtain more information.

Upholstery Services:

At Hollywood Building Services we offer multiple options to healthcare providers by taking advantage of used equipment.  Our staff is skilled in refurbishing of equipment, and upholstering of both medical equipment and waiting room furniture

We leave your furniture as new, as we restore or recycle it.

Curtain cleaning

Hospital Bedside Drapes are a significant cause of infectious disease transmission, since they are often touched by both patients, visitors and staff, they have been found to accumulate and spread diseases with efficiency. Did you know that your draperies act as a filter absorbing airborne dust, pollutants, chemicals, and allergens? Dirty drapes contribute to poor indoor air quality which can adversely affect the health of your residents and staff who may be allergic or sensitive to dust. Our curtain washing process is characterized by giving each client an efficient and effective service. We pick up and professionally remove and Re-hang your curtains/drapes. 

Cleaning Office Chairs:

Using restorative green cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly, you never have to worry about your employees being exposed to harsh chemicals. We also take the time to properly evaluate all of the furniture and will use a variety of upholstery cleaning process depending on the type of upholstery that we are working with.

The Office Chair cleaning service includes, in addition, cleaning the fabric and interior foams. We offer cleaning of armrests covers and structure, plastic, metal or wood. Another very important aspect is that, as we carry our cleaning on-site, we adapt to your schedules and needs, so that; your activity does not stop.

Carpet cleaning:

The most important aspect of our carpet cleaning service is that we guarantee results; we perform total disinfection and drying. Only in this way, we can guarantee that you will enjoy a stay that will convey a pleasant sensation of cleanliness, freshness, and comfort.

Cleaning awning canvas:

Carrying out a proper cleaning of your awnings, we ensure their durability and extend their useful life. Our commercial awning cleaning system is designed to be done without removing the awning and for all types. There is no doubt that hiring a pressure washer to clean your awnings can save you time and potential a lot of money. If you are looking into having your awnings cleaned or would simply like more information about awning cleaning, contact us.

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