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Emergency Flood Cleanup

Floods can happen at any time. Perhaps a water pipe is leaking and is flooding an area. Maybe the roof started to leak after a bad storm and is flooding the carpet in an office. Sometimes a sink or toilet overflows. Whatever the situation, time is of the essence.

Standing water can cause major damage and the longer the water sits, the greater the chance of damage. Not only does the water have to be removed, but all areas need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried to prevent mold and bacteria from growing.


At Hollywood Building Services our employees are well trained and know exactly what to do in these situations. We will minimize the impact of flooding and water damage. One call to Hollywood Building Services  will result in fast water removal services to minimize damage, and treat any damage that may have occurred. Hollywood Building Services will handle contents cleaning and removal, demo and replace walls and carpet as needed. We will disinfect, deodorize and apply anti-microbial treatments to prohibit growth of mold. We facilitate the use commercial dehumidifiers and air movers to expedite dry times. We understand that water damage can cause setbacks and cause disruption to your business and will work quickly with minimal disruption. Call now for immediate service.

Fire Damage

Besides the damaged created by the fire itself, water and smoke can also create extensive damage.

Hollywood Building Services is able to help in this area, in addition to the flood clean-up above to deal with water from firefighting.

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 Our flood and cleaning service in homes, offices, companies or commercial building allows you to return to normality …

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