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For many years we have been providing professional building services for the government. Whether it is cleaning, janitorial, or maintenance. Our company offers the right expertise and is considered the most trusted and specialized when it comes to performing the task with maximal effectiveness and efficiency. Trained and fully certified, you can rely on us about every kind of task or special need that may arise throughout the day.

Industries we serve

City / Town Hall

In our care, the streets and environment of the city will be just as clean as the people expect them to be. From the main roads, rural zones, alleys, and the center. They will always look clean and fresh for the citizens and tourists.


Holywood Building Services is the most reliable company when it comes to cleaning, janitorial, and maintenance services for courthouses. We can keep the floors super clean and apply maximal hygiene on each inch of the whole building. Keeping the courts well-maintained & clean is our specialty!

Park / Playground

Thousands of people visit parks every day. Their hygiene is very important for the care of people, and the safety of the kids. Since parks are so massive and visited by so many people, they need professional care and skilled people to take care of them. That is exactly why we are the best for the task.


Libraries are visited by thousands of people each day. If not taken care of professional layers of dust, and dirt will not only cover the floors but damage even the books. Making this space uncomfortable for the readers. But that cant happens on our watch. Hiring our professionals will keep libraries clean, from the floors, books, and the walls.

Jail / Prison

Due to the nature of Jails and Prisons, professional building services are a necessary part of keeping them well-maintained and clean. Hollywood building services can provide the right assistance and a team of trained specialists to maintain and keep them super clean. Seven days of the week, 24 hours available!

Road / Highway

Keeping the roads clean will not make the citizens happy, but also make them safer for all the drivers. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. Our specialists will do their best at all times. No matter the conditions, we guarantee maximal professionalism and dedication to keeping the roads and highways clean!


Professional care is a must when it comes to utilities. From the electricity stations, gas stations, water depot, and more, you can absolutely rely on Hollywood Building Services for the best maintenance, janitorial, and cleaning. No one does it better than our experts.

Fire / Police Station

Fire and police stations are very frequented and important departments of the state. Along with their importance rises the need for more professionalism when it comes to maintaining, janitorial, and cleaning services. Hiring a professional building company like ours will take care perfectly of fire and police stations.


Whether it’s your boat or yacht. When it comes to marine cleaning services there is no better alternative than Hollywood Building Services. Keeping all the cabins and tight rooms super clean and comfortable for the crew and visitors is what we do best. Professionally equipped for the task, we can use the most advanced technology for marine maintenance, cleaning, and janitorial services.

Hollywood Building Services Advantage

Our staff work efficiently and carefully to ensure minimal disruptions while performing a wide range of services to maintain and update your facility.

Critical Care

Consistent, detailed cleaning and disinfecting that meets or exceeds the requirements of The Joint Commission so that your facility is ready to pass an inspection and treat patients safely everyday

Green Power

State-of-the-art environmentally friendly cleaning systems that are part of a highly sustainable cleaning program. This program can also cut or eliminate redundant and outdated procedures such as glass cleaning and stripping and waxing floors

20 Years Experience

With over 20 years of experience and 4.9 to 5 google review rating score, we are one of the best commercial cleaning companies in 3 states

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