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Gum Removal

Hollywood can quickly remove both the gum and the gum stain with an enviro-friendly cleaning detergent.


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Gum Removal

While gum may be fun to chew, it is not fun to see what it does to your sidewalks or entrance ways. Eventually, improperly disposed of gum turns into an unsightly black smudge on your concrete.

And, if it is left there long enough, it can seep into the concrete pores and create an ugly lasting impression.

The presence of gum-free sidewalks and entrance mats are a great first impression for your business, and can now be easily obtained.

Hollywood Building Services can quickly remove both the gum and the gum stain with an enviro-friendly cleaning detergent. Our ‘mess free’ equipment allows gum removal during the day without noise, hoses or cords.

Chewing gum is a substance that is repeatedly thrown on the ground. The adhesion of gum to the pavements causes great deterioration and it is for this reason that gum cleaning must be done continuously, in order to keep our streets clean. We are leaders for the speed and seriousness of our services and for offering our clients the cleaning services they need.

Thanks to the use of our service, our work teams are capable of removing and cleaning gum from any surface

If you are looking to clean and remove the border-left by some gum or if you want to directly clean the area and remove all the gum from a surface or area, do not hesitate to get in touch with our professionals.

After many years of experience and research, we can confirm that we have found the best method to remove stuck gum from any type of surface at the quickest possible time.

End results of throwing gum on the ground?

The type of substance with which the gum is composed is highly resistant to the products that are usually used to remove them from the pavement. They have a strong adhesion power on any type of surface. When you throw gum on the ground, it takes more than five years to degrade, retaining its properties for a long period of time. There is a study where the danger of having health problems is exposed due to the accumulation of germs that are in the chewing gums stuck in the ground. 

Pneumonia is one of the diseases that these microorganisms can transmit to society. It is for this reason that chewing gum cleaning must be done exhaustively to keep the city clean and hygienic, apart from aesthetically attractive.

How do we act?

Sticky gum cannot be easily removed with everyday cleaning products but requires special procedures. We are aware of this problem and we work exhaustively to clean gum, providing, after many years of experience, the most appropriate methods to eliminate them.

On busy streets, there may be 15 gum stains per square meter. There are surfaces where cleaning is very expensive, such as porous, uneven floors or stone pavements.

 For this reason, special machinery is required together with products of a chemical or temperature-raising nature. We carry out this cleaning both on public roads, in airports and in sports centers.

Is it necessary to remove Gum from the ground?

  • One of the big cleaning problems in many cities is a large number of gums that cover the sidewalks. It may not seem like a serious problem, but gum stuck to the ground is not just an aesthetic problem; up to 50,000 bacteria can be found in gum, thus becoming a public health problem.
  • To remove the gum from the street floor it is necessary to use special machinery; either with pressurized water guns or with rotating machines that by means of the application of special products and erosion end up removing the chewing gums. This can be a great cost for the administrations of the localities; and tedious work for the companies in charge of it. Chewing gum stuck to sidewalks is difficult to remove, and there are many places where you can count dozens of them per square meter.
  • To remove chewing gum from the sidewalks, municipalities usually have companies specializing in complex cleaning. Only a company specialized in cleaning can have the machinery and professionals to carry out this type of work; Furthermore, a responsible cleaning company will always follow the most sustainable methods; trying not to use too much water or strong chemicals to clean the gum.

If you need more information about how we work and what our chewing gum cleaning method consists of or about other services that Hollywood Building Services offers, do not hesitate to contact us through our website. Consult us without obligation

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