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Floor Buffing

Nothing gives a “wow” factor like a smooth and glossy floor! When your floors look bright and clean it promotes a positive image of your company. In addition, it improves the attractiveness of the floor surface. The only way to achieve this look is by proper floor maintenance.
A floor must be clean and free of dirt and debris before buffing can begin. A floor buffer uses one or more variable-speed circular rotary brushes or a pad (that rotates at over 1000 RPM) that provides the agitation needed to dislodge dirt and dust from non-carpeted floors such as tile, VCT, hardwood, marble or linoleum.

Buffing floors removes the surface scratches revealing a fresher, flatter surface. This surface will reflect light more evenly and gives off a more shiny glow. If the floor is dirty, this look cannot be achieved since dirt does not reflect light. Floor buffing reduces the need to strip the finish from floors as often, which is a very labor intensive service. Make your floors shine between scrubbing by buffing regularly to remove surface scratches on the finish. Regular high-speed floor buffing keeps floors looking clean and glossy every day for the best image and appearance.

Strip, Scrub & Wax

Over time, floor finish on even well maintained floors either yellow or flake. Build up in corners is unsightly but very common.

If a floor wasn’t properly cleaned before the application of floor finish, dirt will be trapped in between finish layers and weaken the bond.

Hollywood Building Services keep your floors clean by scrubbing the floor finish to remove scratches and stains out of the floor finish.

Stripping may be required to remove floor finish build-up or worn out dirty layers and replace with fresh floor finish to protect your floor. Stripping a floor is a learned skill and is a skill that Hollywood Building Services has mastered.

From properly identifying the floor, using clean and proper tools, and practicing safety, Hollywood Building Services can handle any size. For a long life, Hollywood Building Services uses premium finishes for the best long-term appearance.

Concrete Cleaning

Cleaning concrete will extend its service life and enhance its beauty. Hollywood Building Services offers deep scrubbing with degreasers, acids and high pressure washing to remove the dirt and grime.

Once the concrete has been cleaned, Hollywood Building Services offers many types of concrete coatings available such as epoxy and urethane to not only make the floor look better, but help control dust too.

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Marble, Tile, Mosaic, Cement and Wood Floors are some of the most used materials for decoration of homes, offices and shops. To highlight their beauty it is important to give them special care so that they look like new…

Our floor stripping services totally eradicate dirt, wreckage, and layers of old wax from your floors…

Like all other flooring surfaces, concrete floors become dull and dirty over time. A professional cleaning from Hollywood Building Services will bring new life to concrete floors! …

Since it is exposed to the elements, the exterior of your building is vulnerable to dirt, dust, mud, mold, etc …

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