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For more than 20 years our standards of cleaning, maintenance, repairing, remodeling, painting, and all building services are considered the highest among many competitors in Tri-States. Our expertise goes beyond anything others can provide, and our knowledge about the industries we support is absolutely unmatched. Dedication, passion, and maximal efforts have been our main qualities over the years. What we offer is the most incredible and experienced staff in industrial building services. You can take full advantage of what we provide if you own a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or any kind of sewage. Everyone can provide building services, but the best ones that really make the difference can be found only at Hollywood Building Services!

Industries we serve

Storage Facility / Warehouse

Order, accommodation, and cleanliness are the qualities that every top-notch warehouse or storage facility should have. But you cant expect professional work from unspecialized people. It’s a fact! That is why we provide a team of certified specialists that can perfectly maintain your warehouses the best possible way.

Manufacturing Plant

Looking for a professional company to help you clean, maintain, repair, paint, or remodel your manufacturing plant? Hollywood Building Services offers the expertise and capabilities that you are looking for. Our specialists can perform cleaning maintenance and all other aspects of your manufacturing plant just the way that you expect!

Sewage / Water Treatment Plant

Any grease, oil build-ups, or other issues happening with your sewage or water treatment plants? Trusting Hollywood Building Services for repairing, restoring, and maintenance can be your best investment if you don’t want those issues to keep happening.

Hollywood Building Services Advantage

Our staff work efficiently and carefully to ensure minimal disruptions while performing a wide range of services to maintain and update your facility.

Critical Care

Consistent, detailed cleaning and disinfecting that meets or exceeds the requirements of The Joint Commission so that your facility is ready to pass an inspection and treat patients safely everyday

Green Power

State-of-the-art environmentally friendly cleaning systems that are part of a highly sustainable cleaning program. This program can also cut or eliminate redundant and outdated procedures such as glass cleaning and stripping and waxing floors

20 Years Experience

With over 20 years of experience and 4.9 to 5 google review rating score, we are one of the best commercial cleaning companies in 3 states

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