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What are the porter services?​

Hollywood Building Services offers on-site porter and matron services to handle daily tasks and ensure your property is well maintained and kept clean and neat.

With Hollywood on-site, we will be the ones to tend to the various incidentals, such as replenishing paper supplies, keeping hallways and lobbies clean, making sure high-traffic areas are free of safety hazards and handling any unexpected mishaps or special needs that may arise throughout the day.

To ensure total satisfaction, Hollywood Building Services will tailor the services and offer part or full-time personnel to meet your specific needs.

HBS’s personnel will also report any hazards, vandalism or any other item that requires property managers or owners immediate attention.

The professionals are characterized by providing friendly, polite, and discreet treatment, both to the neighbors and to the visitors of the building. For this, Hollywood Building Services provides  employees with the necessary training on a regular and continuous basis.

Sometimes, the commercial cleaning and janitorial companies offer these two services together, although, in a commercial building, the most appropriate thing is that the person in charge of the commercial cleaning and the janitor are two different people. Commercial cleaning services fully detail every aspect of your business facility. Commercial janitorial services are different than cleaning services in the fact they are completed almost daily. As you know, a janitor or Day Porter, is responsible for maintaining your commercial business throughout the day. Some of the janitor’s responsibilities are:

  • Access control (both main door and garage).
  • Preventive maintenance of common facilities.
  • Receipt of parcels and important mail.
  • Garbage collection  

The benefits of hiring our auxiliary porter and Matron services:

  • Ensure that the internal rules of coexistence established by the community of owners are respected.
  • Safeguard the keys belonging to the community of neighbors.
  • Receive the correspondence of each of the owners of the community in case they are not found when their correspondence arrives in order to avoid inconveniences with the postal companies.
  • Supervise the services in general such as (electricity, water, gas, etc.) and the common areas of the perimeter, giving notice to the maintenance companies if necessary.
  • In Tri-state Area we also cover community cleaning and maintenance services such as taking out the garbage or sweeping common areas.
  • Carry out repairs in the community facilities and / or contact the companies specialized in carrying out repairs and maintenance in case you cannot solve on your own in addition to notifying the community of owners about the incident.
  • Communicate to the governing board of the community of owners about the concerns and needs of the community.

Day Porters are accountable for making sure that the facility of a company looks neat, precise and acceptable to the public. They have a huge responsibility by performing basic maintenance tasks including restroom restocks, trash removal, and front lobby support.

Differences between janitors, custodians, and porters

You may think that Porter and janitor, and custodian services are exactly the same, but although their tasks are very similar, they differ from each other.

Porter Services
A porter usually spends part or all of the day assisting in maintaining the cleanliness of restrooms, staff kitchen and the break-room, to making coffee, checking-in visitors to running small errands.

A day porter can perform cleaning tasks but assist with all other ‘housekeeping’ activities. A day porter can do wonders if you have a building with lots of foot traffic during the day, where you need someone to keep the place presentable in between the nightly cleaning. Intraday disinfection of high touch areas to minimize the risk of Covid infection is a perfect task that can be made part of a day-porter’s routine.

Janitorial Services

A janitor in contrast to a custodian is usually solely focusses on cleaning the building. Janitorial services are cleaning services that are typically performed after hours, when your staff has cleared out for the day and we can get in there with free access to get things clean and tidy before you get back to work. Depending on the scope of the cleaning, they can be a large team or simply working by themselves, but overall they are only for a couple of hours and at times can cover multiple buildings or clients during a shift.

Custodian Services

A custodian, as the name implies, is in ‘custody’ or in charge of taking care of the building in which they work. Depending on the size of the building and the nature of its use, the scope of the custodian can be quite diverse.  Tasks range from doing handyman repairs, tracking scheduled maintenance on equipment, to giving the building a fresh lick of paint.  Hiring for these positions can be tough because you are looking for a jack of all trades – someone who is competent to doing a lot of different things.  Personality wise you also want someone that is not only able to juggle multiple tasks, and work independently, but also to be able to stablish a working relationship across all levels of the organization. 

Hollywood Building Services guarantees adequate training of its professionals in porter, janitorial, and custodian services,  Our employees are accustomed to personal treatment, with skills to coordinate with the rest of the personnel destined to keep the daily life of the building in order. To do this, they complete a daily report of incidents and services in which their work will be recorded.

If you have questions about Porter, janitorial, or custodian services and need a budget to present to your community of neighbors, get in touch with Hollywood Building Services and we will offer you a personalized proposal.

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