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If your green strategy includes breathing healthier, fresher smelling, cleaner air, then you need PURETi! PURETi is an inexpensive water-based surface treatment that reduces maintenance costs while purifying the air.

Using the energy from natural sunlight, PURETi’s active ingredient safely breaks down organic grime, odors and pollutants, leaving you with odor-free clean air! In the presence of light, the glass surfaces keep clean, and improve the air you breathe.

One application by Hollywood Building Services reduces harmful VOCs for months by simply replacing your glass cleaner with PURETi!

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 Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our clients based on the results of a high-quality service…

 SmartShield is the ideal choice to protect your building from germs and the growth and reproduction of bacteria, mold mildew, fungus and algae on surfaces for 90-days…

Stripping and waxing is no longer the only option to protect your floors! There have been great technological advances with environmental coatings within the past several years that can render stripping and waxing obsolete…

Since it is exposed to the elements, the exterior of your building is vulnerable to dirt, dust, mud, mold, etc …

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