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When it is finally time for the carpets annual cleaning, the carpets often times are trashed! Keep your carpet looking good throughout the year while extending the life of your carpet and your capital investment by cleaning and spotting regularly to keep it looking cleaner, longer. Soil abrades and damages the carpet fiber causing it to no longer reflect light. This is how traffic lanes are formed. Regular cleaning and vacuuming will help prevent this problem. Keep in mind that it is easier to maintain your carpets now then to prematurely replace them disrupting the office environment during the process and spending money before you need to. Hollywood offers both restoration cleaning using hot water extraction and regular program maintenance using low moisture and extraction methods to keep your carpets looking their best. Another important aspect that is often overlooked is entrance matting. Entrance matting helps keep the soil out of your building and off your carpets by trapping the dirt first before it can be tracked onto your carpet.

Industries we serve


When it comes to customer service, banks play a very important role in people's everyday life. Finding them clean, and properly maintained can result in very positive outcomes.

Design Studio

Expecting customers in a properly cleaned, and maintained space is essential for a design studio. With the right tools, skills, and a professional staff we can take care of your building services like no other.


Restaurants are the example of cleanliness, transparency, and quality of services. People always choose restaurants that are considered super clean and maintained properly every single day. Hollywood Building Services can provide professional assistance for your restaurants.

Retail Store

Trust skilled and certified experts to provide the best assistance when it comes to cleaning, maintaining, painting, repairing, and all building services that you require. We can make your retail store look amazing every single day!

Post Office

Our company is considered the best when it comes to building services for post offices. Making them look amazing all the time in the eye of customers, and for everyday use from the workers. Get in touch for a clean, friendly, and welcoming environment maintenance service.

Hollywood Building Services Advantage

Our staff work efficiently and carefully to ensure minimal disruptions while performing a wide range of services to maintain and update your facility.

Critical Care

Consistent, detailed cleaning and disinfecting that meets or exceeds the requirements of The Joint Commission so that your facility is ready to pass an inspection and treat patients safely everyday

Green Power

State-of-the-art environmentally friendly cleaning systems that are part of a highly sustainable cleaning program. This program can also cut or eliminate redundant and outdated procedures such as glass cleaning and stripping and waxing floors

20 Years Experience

With over 20 years of experience and 4.9 to 5 google review rating score, we are one of the best commercial cleaning companies in 3 states

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