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Tile/Carpet Replacement

We provide you new tiling installation service and also repairing services for small and large projects all over the tri-state area. This offer includes wall tiling works, floor tiling works and a necessary waterproofing bathroom tiling or balcony tiling works.

Over common repairs include popping tiles repairing and modification. All our services are performed by professional experts.

A tiled wall needs maintenance work especially to preserve its good appearance. With time, tile wall deteriorates its color and textures. It is not just a visual problem. The cement (or the material that has been used to glue it) may be, was not properly mixed, and can cause a tile to loosen and eventually fall off. In that case, the damage will not only be of the image, but there will be breaks, both of the detached pieces themselves and of the tiles that are around, the floor on which it falls, etc. Also, when a tile begins to loosen, it tends to peel off more and more. This affects the joints, which in turn compromises the surrounding. 

For this reason, it is advisable to carry out periodic reviews to check the condition of the tiles, especially to see if there are any loose. If one is detected in such conditions, it is best to fix it before the damage worsens and its consequences can get worse. Therefore we provide a professional repairing service with a simple procedure.

Identify and remove loose tiles

The easiest way to check if a tile is loose is to tap on the tile with a piece of wood, or with the handle of a tool such as a putty knife or trowel. Most tiles will have a muffled sound with no echoes, but when tapping on a loose tile, it will sound different, like hollow. That is the necessary signal. You just need to remove that kind of tile. For this work, you need to hire a professional worker, who will remove loose tiles and will replace them accordingly. You will get your desired result.

Carpet Cleaning, and Replacement

Old, used carpet can spoil the look of your building lobby or office. Our carpet replacement experts know how to get the cool vibes back to your business.

Even a well-maintained carpet will ultimately need to be changed due to wear. Our carpet replacement experts have the experience needed to advise you on replacements.

Our commitment is to provide expert installation service and a systematic inspection of your completed projects. 

Carpet cleaning and repairing service

If you find a small problem in your carpet, you need to act swiftly, before the problem grows. Even a little rip in your carpet fabric could turn into a bulky hole when left unaddressed.

When you notice the first indication of a problem, you need to call the carpet experts.

You all have seen those ugly patches on beautiful carpet and rug. If these stained and patches are caused by cigarette burns, pet urine, bleach spills, or something else, we can deal with it right and clean those ugly stains on your carpet.

Proper stretching is a crucial part of carpet installation. But you see many service providers ignore this issue.

In addition to the poor installation of the carpet, settling in the carpet can also go for re-stretching. You can also shift furniture from one side of the room to another, particularly heavy furniture that is not on wheels or glides. No matter what the reason is, a proper re-stretch can make it perfect.

If you are facing any of the following issues, it means it’s time to replace your carpet:

  • An increase in allergy symptoms
  • Permanent stains
  • Persistent odors
  • Visible wear
  • Irreparable damage
  • Wanting a fresh look for your room

No matter what your carpets need, our carpet cleaning and replacing experts can help you make the necessary changes.

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